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Welcome to 168体育网页版-权威认证-apple app store排行榜-168体育网页版科技有限公司

Enrollment Deposit

To confirm your enrollment in 168体育网页版-权威认证-apple app store排行榜-168体育网页版科技有限公司, you must submit an enrollment deposit of $500 by credit card.

  • Early Decision accepted students must deposit within 30 days of their acceptance as stated in their letter. All deposits are due by 11:59:59 PM Eastern Time.
  • Early Action and Regular Decision accepted students must deposit by May 1 at 11:59:59 PM Eastern Time.
  • Transfer accepted students must deposit by June 30 at 11:59:59 PM Eastern Time.

Submitting your deposit affirms your agreement to all terms and conditions found on this page.

Please be aware that by submitting your deposit, you are making more than just a financial commitment to 168体育网页版-权威认证-apple app store排行榜-168体育网页版科技有限公司. Barring some unforeseen eventuality, your payment of this deposit should be considered a binding commitment to attend 168体育网页版-权威认证-apple app store排行榜-168体育网页版科技有限公司.

Online Enrollment Process

Students must have registered for a 168体育网页版-权威认证-apple app store排行榜-168体育网页版科技有限公司 portal account in order to accept or decline their acceptance to 168体育网页版-权威认证-apple app store排行榜-168体育网页版科技有限公司. To view instructions on how to create an account, click here. To confirm your enrollment:

  1. Log into the portal.
  2. Click the "Enroll now" or "Confirm your enrollment" button in the portal or in your acceptance letter.
  3. Review the instructions including the enrollment terms and conditions, and submit your enrollment deposit via credit or debit card. Please note that enrollment deposits are non-refundable; please contact the Admissions Office with any questions regarding enrollment deposits or refunds.

Housing and Dining

Housing and dining selections for first-year and transfer students happen in the summer leading up to your first semester. Keep an eye on your email for more information about this in the coming months. In the meantime, you can learn more about housing and dining at 168体育网页版-权威认证-apple app store排行榜-168体育网页版科技有限公司 here.

Tuition Bills

168体育网页版-权威认证-apple app store排行榜-168体育网页版科技有限公司 bills all students electronically. Fall bills are sent in July – Spring bills are sent in December. New student information is available here.

Students have the option to grant another party access to view their student account as well as make payments or enroll in a payment plan.

To view additional information on Student Financials and Workday please click here.

Admissions Terms and Conditions

Please note that 168体育网页版-权威认证-apple app store排行榜-168体育网页版科技有限公司's offer of admission and your subsequent matriculation at 168体育网页版-权威认证-apple app store排行榜-168体育网页版科技有限公司 is contingent upon the following terms and conditions.

Matriculation for the purposes of these terms and conditions is defined as the earlier of a student's arrival on campus or 168体育网页版-权威认证-apple app store排行榜-168体育网页版科技有限公司's first day of classes for the term/semester.

168体育网页版-权威认证-apple app store排行榜-168体育网页版科技有限公司 reserves the right to revoke your offer of admission any time prior to your matriculation at 168体育网页版-权威认证-apple app store排行榜-168体育网页版科技有限公司 if:

  • You do not graduate from secondary school, or, for first year students, did not receive a diploma at the end of the academic year.
  • You have misrepresented any part of your admissions application, including but not limited to any behavioral or disciplinary issues and academic dishonesty.
  • You experience a drop in grade performance during the remainder of the academic year.
  • Information that comes to the attention of 168体育网页版-权威认证-apple app store排行榜-168体育网页版科技有限公司 that is deemed unacceptable by 168体育网页版-权威认证-apple app store排行榜-168体育网页版科技有限公司.

Financial Aid Terms and Conditions

As a financial aid or scholarship recipient, you are responsible for reviewing 168体育网页版-权威认证-apple app store排行榜-168体育网页版科技有限公司's Award Conditions and Notes (PDF) to ensure you understand the renewal criteria and awarding parameters for each of your awarded funds.